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Analogue photography

I was always truly amazed by the great masters of photography such as Irving Penn, Ansel Adams, André Kertész, Brassai, and so on. The masterpieces of these incredible artists were a huge inspiration to me, to rethink the composition multiple times before I take the shot. Photographing to film is a different world to me. The setups and 'rules' that I learned are disappearing when I pick up my medium format film camera. I let the feelings take place. Learning how to compose in a 1:1 ratio was a bit challenging even after many years of photographic experience. The whole procedure to expose a film from the beginning to the end (to put a roll of film in the camera, expose, process, scan) made a real addiction to me, so I get very excited every time  when I pick up my film camera. Scans from a 6x6 cm negative could be as large as 100 megapixel. Here are some shots taken with my Zenza Bronica SQ-A medium format camera.

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