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Kladesholmen Little Planet.JPG

Klädesholmen Virtual Tour

360 photography

and virtual tours

I was always amazed by the power of virtual tours and 360 panoramas. This is a very special type of photography. It takes time and a lot of practice to make an equirectangular panorama without minor stiching issues. I am using a ultra wide angle lens on a full frame sensor, and a panoramic head. In post, I need 3 sofwtares and a couple of hour to get a perfect panorama. This is one of my favorite type of photography, because I don't know the final result until I finally attach the images in post. It feels like I'm developing the film in the dark  room. These thumbnails called 'little planet' panoramas and this is extracted from the main equi.pano. Since 2009 I am taking 360 photos, you can find many more on my roundme profile. You can also contact me to buy ultra high resolution images of these amazing panoramas. Imagine a 2mx1m print in your livingroom. They can look super cool. Hope you'll enjoy it!
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