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Jag heter Zsombor Sándor, jag är en kommersiell fotograf och filmare

Om mig

About 1

     My name is Zsombor Sándor, I am a commercial photographer and filmmaker. Since 2007 I have been practicing the art of photography, filmmaking and design. I started my career as freelancer photographer after graduating high school, with product, portrait, event, real estate and furniture, and nature photography. I have always had a strong interest in visual arts, and this experience cemented my interest in the art of photography, design and drove me to the decision to study it more in depth. I started my education in photo and filmmaking in 2009 at the Babeș-Bólyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, where I mastered the essentials of photography, filmmaking, the methods of sound recording and the use of a variety of state of the art cameras, editing panels and steady cams.

Product Photgraper Zsombor Sandor is taking 360 images in Sweden

     As a postgraduate in film and photography I started to work in the field of product photography, web design and art illustrations for commercial purpose, with the aim to make the best visual impact in photos, designs, banners, flyers, presentation boxes, logos etc. I developed expertise in the photography of jewelry and chromatic surfaces as well as art illustrations and designs for websites. I am familiar with html language coding and WordPress. Skilled cameraman and editor with 10-year experience at different TV stations. Professional in interactive 360 virtual tours, real estate and furniture photography, short films, and studio photography of diverse products and objects. Over the year I photographed more than 100 estates. I became professional user of DaVinci resolve, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Flash, Pano2VR, PTGui, Edius, Pinacle Studio.

Zsombor Sandor in Iceland making a 360 Virtal tour

     I am aware of the fast development as well as the current limitations of the field. I would like to contribute to visual arts by directing my work towards a better and smarter use of resources as well as implementation of new ideas into technical and theoretical improvements. I am open to learn, experience, and experiment the massive amount of alternatives and options of studio lightning, the freedom of creation and rethinking.

Zsombor Sandor in Iceland making a 360 Virtal tour of Geysirs

I hope that you liked my images, and don't forget to visit my site again, I upload new images frequently. You can also check my personal instagram profile HERE, or visit my awesome 360 panorama profile HERE.

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